The government has a problem. 62% of New Zealanders cannot afford to buy a home. Rent is skyrocketing in proportion to total income. But if the government drives down the cost of housing, many homeowners will have negative equity, creating a new crisis..


Government has the power to effect change, but it is not using its power.

It’s called the Urban Development Act 2020. It does not rely on councils to rezone land. It fast-tracks the RMA process, and it is not dependent on councils. The power exists. What’s missing is the purpose… what to do


To work this dilemma out, thousands of new homes must be built, but using a development pattern that does not compete with the existing market. The answer is found in this web site. Target a median price of $500,000 for a new home, but focus not on building new homes, but new communities – car-free, complete, not elite communities, built in three years, for 10,000 people on 200 hectares


Repeat: Build new communities, not just more homes. Otherwise, today’s terraced housing blocks become tomorrow’s’ slums.